Recipe: Greater Dye of WIT<Wit+4 Int-4> (100%)

  Name Level Quan MP Success% Price
Recipe: Greater Dye of WIT<Wit+4 Int-4> (100%) Recipe: Greater Dye of WIT (100%) 6 1 168 100 29000
Creates: Greater Dye of WIT
This recipe for Greater Dye of WIT can be used by all races. Requires Create Common Item Skill Level 6.
Type recipe Consume type stackable
Weight 30
Price 29000
Material paper
1xRecipe: Greater Dye of WIT<Wit+4 Int-4> (100%)Recipe: Greater Dye of WIT (100%)
16xPremium Fish OilPremium Fish Oil
230xThin Fish BoneThin Fish Bone
60xThick Fish BoneThick Fish Bone

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